• It is a well-known and widely reported fact that one of the main barriers to the expansion of ecommerce has been lack of trust. Consumers refrain from shopping online as they do not feel comfortable about the reputation of the companies running the websites and about how well their rights are being protected. I am confident that consumers will prefer to browse and shop on accredited websites, and with the guarantee that they follow digital market best practices based on compliance with rules set out by the trustmark Confio.

    Miguel Pupo Correia, Lawyer
  • CONFIO accreditation provides consumers with increased security in their online shopping.

    João Leitão, Founder and CEO at Followprice
  • Trust is one of CTT’s most important brand attributes and of the services it provides. Security is crucial for online consumers and to help stimulate ecommerce and is a key driver in the digitalization of CTT’s business operations. As such, CTT’s pledge to the trustmark Confio is a natural and indispensable development.

    Alberto Pimenta, Head of Ecommerce at CTT
  • Accreditation has always been a relevant means of reinforcing consumer and user confidence. Appropriately accredited websites will therefore help to overcome remaining barriers to ecommerce and help Portuguese companies become a more active part of the digital economy.

    Prof. João Confraria, ANACOM
  • A trustmark is an unquestionable reassurance that you are navigating safely on the Internet, as it indicates the website has passed a trustworthy accreditation process and that information passed to the website platform will be treated in a secure manner to protect consumer data.

    Luís Silveira Botelho, General Inspector for Cultural Activities
  • At El Corte Inglês we know that to have passed a rigorous and demanding accreditation process is a competitive advantage for us and a unique opportunity to show that we follow digital best practices worldwide, increasing trust in our website and as a result, helping to expand our business.

    Manuel Paula, Marketing Director - El Corte Inglés Portugal