• What is the “CONFIO” Trustmark? Why should I, a website owner, be interested in obtaining the Trustmark?

    The CONFIO trustmark is a digital logotype that certifies that the website owner has been accredited as a result of a credible audit process. The CONFIO trustmark is recognized as a stamp of credibility for digital transactions. Accredited websites therefore provide visitors and users with more security, transparency, integrity and a guarantee of information and service quality. The awarded trustmark’s logo is placed on the portal’s homepage in a visible location and is a link through to the page with evidence of the website’s accreditation.

  • What is the website accreditation and award of the “CONFIO” trustmark process?

    Accreditation is the result of an audit process of the website with a view to awarding the “CONFIO” trustmark, in which compliance with legislation and national and international digital market best practices is validated and monitored, according to the Code of Conduct and applicable Regulation.

  • What is the Code of Conduct?

    The Code of Conduct summarizes part of the terms and conditions that a website must comply with in order to be accredited. The Code of Conduct namely presents mandatory conditions that must be met regarding personal data confidentiality, protection of intellectual and industrial property, terms and conditions for distance sales contracts, order delivery procedures, complaints and dispute resolution, protection of minors as consumers, publicity, unsolicited communication (spam), navigation, design and provision for citizens with special needs.

  • Are non-transactional websites subject to the obligation to provide information on existing consumer arbitration centers?

    No, websites without transaction are not subject to the obligation to inform consumers about alternative dispute resolution entities available, as well as to inform consumers of the electronic website of these entities as required by the Confio Code of Conduct and Regulation. According to the Law no. 144/2015 of 08 September, the procedures for out-of-court settlement of disputes are applied when they are initiated by a consumer against a supplier of goods or services and when they comply with contractual obligations resulting of sales contracts, leaving out non-transactional websites.

  • How does the accreditation audit process work?

    The audit process entails a detailed analysis of the website and requested documents, to assess whether the necessary conditions for accreditation and award of the trustmark, and that have been declared by the owner, have been met.

  • What kind of websites can apply for accreditation?

    Accreditation may be requested by all websites, be they institutional, merely informative, online stores or of any other nature. The following websites are not eligible: • Transactional financial websites, namely related with investment, insurance and reinsurance services, banking services and pension fund related operations; • Gambling and betting websites, including lottery, bingo and casino gambling and betting house activities; services related with deferred operations and options; • Healthcare and pharmaceutical commerce websites; • Construction, substantial reconstruction, and other real estate property transaction websites excluding rentals. Note: The number 2 of the first Article (A) of the Conduct Code, which stipulates that, “The Code of Conduct shall not apply to contracts relating to financial services, in particular investment services; insurance and reinsurance operations; bank services; operations relating to pension funds ” it concerns to specific pages of websites, namely reserved to the financial sector that engage in this type of activity. That is, all pages of websites belonging to entities that provide financial services but that have nothing to do with the financial activity itself may contain the Confio trustmark.

  • How long is the Trustmark valid for?

    The “CONFIO” trustmark is awarded for a year and is renewed on an annual basis upon request of the website’s owner.

  • How do I apply?

    The steps in the request process are detailed in: Menu Request accreditation

  • How long does the accreditation process take?

    The audit process takes on average around 3 weeks but this may vary dependent on a number of factors such as the complexity of the website itself.

  • How much does it cost?

    The request for website accreditation implies a payment. The price to be paid is indexed to the type of website.

  • How it is renewed?

    It is allowed to renew the Selo Confio without the auditing process. The renewal is automatically done after the due payment according to the established prices. In case the renewal includes auditing, it should be added the “Auditing” amount to the renewal payment.


    The annual renewal without requesting a new
    audit can only take place up to the limit of two renewals.

  • How can I lodge a non-conformity complaint (defect) of a good or service contracted over a website with the CONFIO trustmark?

    Consumers may submit complaints at the following link: plataforma.confio.pt. The accredited site may provide its own complaints platform, in which case this is the platform that should be used.

  • Are companies that have been awarded the “Confiança Online” trustmark of trust, accredited by ACEPI, covered by this trustmark?

    Yes, all entities accredited by the “Confiança Online” are automatically awarded the CONFIO Trustmark, as long as they are compliant with all relevant terms and conditions.

  • What is the European Trustmark?

    The European Trustmark is a European Ecommerce Trustmark launched by Ecommerce Europe to promote international ecommerce. In Portugal the trustmark is awarded by DNS.PT, as a result of the partnership between DNS.PT, ACEPI and DECO, and in accordance with criteria harmonized with the “CONFIO” trustmark.

  • How can I be awarded the European Trustmark?

    If the terms and conditions necessary to be awarded the CONFIO trustmark are met, then the website is also compliant with the requisites of the European Trustmark and therefore is not subject to additional audit charges. The European trustmark will sit side by side with the CONFIO trustmark on the accredited website.

  • How do I get the Confio Trustmark to display on my website?

    After the certification process is completed, a code is provided in your personal area, which should be integrated into your website so that the logo of the Confio Trustmark is visible.

  • If my website doesn’t have a .pt extension, can I request accreditation with the CONFIO trustmark?

    Yes, award of the “CONFIO” Trustmark is not exclusive to ccTLD.pt websites.

  • I'm the owner of a website. Can it be accreditaded by the ConfioTrusmark?

    Natural persons can apply for the Confio Trustmark, just follow the steps necessary for this purpose. 

  • I have a website registered in multiple domain names in different TLDs. Do I have to accreditate them all with the Trustmark Confio?

    When the websites are the same, whether in various TLDs, the accreditation is replicated automatically. There are many companies that use the same content on .PT, .COM and .EU, for example. You only have to ask for one accreditation.