Request for accreditation

The request is very simple although it is very rigorous and requires availability of the person managing the request process. This is essential to guarantee the credibility and reliability of the CONFIO trustmark.

  1. Request to access the reserved area;
  2. In the reserved area, complete all the details required in the relevant template;
  3. Attach a copy of the requesting entity’s most recent IRS/IRC tax return or statement of start of business activity, in order to calculate what price will be charged.

Next steps

  1. After paying the applicable charge for request of accreditation (click to price menu), the CONFIO trustmark request will be submitted to an audit process which will generate an evaluation report on the website’s degree of compliance. In the event the response is negative, non-compliant areas that need to be corrected in order for the trustmark to be awarded will be identified.
  2. Once the website is considered compliant, guaranteeing that all terms and conditions for the trustmark to be awarded have been met, the Website is accredited and subsequently awarded the CONFIO Trustmark, after payment of any charge still outstanding.
  3. Award of the Trustmark is also conditional upon the requesting entity adhering to a mediation and extra-judicial dispute resolution mechanism.

The website owner can follow the process on the reserved area.