Code of conduct

Given the relevance and sensitive nature of the issues covered by ecommerce, this area should not only be regulated by current legislation. An additional level of regulation, focused on ethical and deontological aspects, should be adopted as a means of reinforcing the need for an essential set of rules and principles that guide the sector and encourage the application of international and domestic best practices in ecommerce and related areas.

Ecommerce Legislation (Decree Law nr. 7/2004 dated 7 January later updated by law nr.46/2012 dated 29 August) itself recommends in Chapter VII the adoption of Codes of Conduct in line with the programme guidelines set out by the community legislator in article 16 of the 2000/31/CE Directive (“Ecommerce Directive”).

The Code of Conduct establishes a set of rules and best practices for ecommerce, accepted by all subscribing professionals and entities. These rules and best practices are of mandatory application to all actions and contracts within the Trustmark of Trust accreditation process and in respect of all online commercial relationships between subscribing professionals and consumers.

Acceptance of the Code of Conduct is mandatory for award of the “CONFIO” trustmark.

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