Confio Trustmark

The CONFIO trustmark is a digital logo that certifies that the website owner has been accredited as a result of an audit process.

The CONFIO trustmark results from a protocol signed between three institutions: ACEPI – Associação da Economia Digital (Association for the Digital Economy), DECO – Associação Portuguesa para a Defesa do Consumidor (The Portuguese Consumer Protection Association) and the DNS.PT Association and has its own Code of Conduct and Regulation.

The trustmark is awarded by the DNS.PT Association, the institution responsible for Accreditation according to the mission and responsibilities defined in the above mentioned protocol.




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Main highlights

  1. A unique national initiative that also provides a partnership with Ecommerce Europe to access the Digital European trustmark “Trust Ecommerce Europe”;
  2. Self-regulation by the website owner;
  3. An audit by a credible and accredited entity;
  4. Permanent website monitoring to guarantee that it is upholding the best practices that led to the trustmark being awarded in the first place;
  5. Permanent consumer support for dispute resolution and dispute, providing access to various support mechanisms;