Ecommerce Europe Trustmark

The Ecommerce EuropeTrustmark is a European Trustmark, represented and managed by Ecommerce Europe. Like, it is a digital logo that provides evidence that a website is compliant with legislation and Ecommerce Europe’s best practice guidelines.

To request this Trustmark, entities should be accredited before by the “CONFIO” trustmark and, after that, they don’t need to meet any additional requirements.

During this initial launch phase of the “CONFIO” trustmark, subscription to the European Digital Trustmark Seal is free of charge.

Ecommerce Europe is the association representing 25,000+ companies selling goods and/or services online to consumers in Europe. Founded by leading national e-commerce associations, Ecommerce Europe is the voice of the e-commerce sector in Europe.

Its mission is to stimulate cross-border e-commerce by lobbying for better or desired policy, by offering a platform for the European e-commerce sector and other stakeholders, and by providing in-depth research data about European markets. Moreover, Ecommerce Europe provides more than 10,000 certified online companies across Europe with a European Trustmark label, with the aim of increasing consumer trust in cross-border purchases.

The main purpose of this initiative of Ecommerce Europe which is to increase consumer confidence in Europe cross-border ecommerce.

ACEPI is an associate of Ecommerce Europe, which represents over 25 thousand companies that sell goods and services on-line for consumers across Europe.

Main values

The Ecommerce Europe Trustmark main values are:

    • Trust
    • Credibility
    • European Scope