Brand guidelines

These rules will help you to use our elements “trust” to communicate the brand in the most effective manner, thereby establishing a solid and easily recognized identity.


The standard version of our logo which must be used in most cases, has four shades of blue.

Blue tones should never be changed or approximate. You can also use if they need to shade in white scales on institutional funds.

The version in gray scales of our logo should be used less often than the blue standard version or white scales on the brand funds. The version of a color of our logo should be used only small scales, as in production of merchandising material.


Our brand should be used where it is required to recognize only the name, not just the visual recognition of our logo. It should only be presented in two shades of blue used more (Blue and Blue-light), black or white.


The logo should always be surrounded by generous spaces in white. White space is defined by the size of the © copyright. So given room to breathe the brand among other elements, logos or even images.



The “Blue CONFIO” more important to be repeated are represented with # 2aa1d4, # 45b2e0 and # 1e659e.
Note: CONFIO Blues should only be processed as a solid color , and should not be softened, darkened or moved in any way to represent the brand.

Do not

  • Change logo color, or add color.
  • Shrink, stretch, modify or change the orientation of the brand.
  • Use the logo of a convoluted or with little contrast.
  • Add “onfio” to the symbol of the brand with a different typography.

If you have any questions about our brand elements can contact us for the email: