Online trust and transparency

The CONFIO stamp is a certificate awarded to websites that comply with the best practices of the digital market and the use of the Internet.

A trustworthy partnership

The CONFIO trustmark born from a partnership of three organizations with high credibility in Portugal, representing the Internet (DNS), Consumers (DECO) and Electronic Commerce Stores (ACEPI). This partnership aims to promote the E-commerce, ensuring credibility shopping and security for consumers.

The CONFIO trustmark

The CONFIO trustmark provides consumers assurance when buying products and services online and when using the Internet.
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Best of both worlds

  • It is a well-known and widely reported fact that one of the main barriers to the expansion of ecommerce has been lack of trust. Consumers refrain from shopping online as they do not feel comfortable about the reputation of the companies running the websites and about how well their rights are being protected. I am confident that consumers will prefer to browse and shop on accredited websites, and with the guarantee that they follow digital market best practices based on compliance with rules set out by the trustmark Confio.

    Miguel Pupo Correia, Lawyer
  • CONFIO accreditation provides consumers with increased security in their online shopping.

    João Leitão, Founder and CEO at Followprice
  • acreditação de confiança

    Trustmark accreditation

    The CONFIO trustmark is awarded once compliance with the Code of Conduct and with the Regulation has been verified by the accreditation entity using a thorough, independent, objective, transparent and complete audit process. Websites accredited with the CONFIO trustmark may automatically apply for the European Digital Trustmark which is managed by Ecommerce Europe.

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  • Mais confiança de quem compra

    Online dispute resolution

    Access to online and free platform, which allows to solve disputes quickly, simply and easily, without complications, delays and costs of a court case.

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  • Resolução Online de Reclamações

    Buy with confidence

    Ensuring confidence of those who purchase reduces dropouts halfway through the check-out process, naturally resulting in more conversions.

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  • Proceed to registration and access the reserved area;
  • Fill in the template with the relevant information;
  • Make initial payment;
  • Once the auditing entity has verified the website’s compliance and that all necessary conditions to receive the trustmark are met, the website may be accredited and awarded the CONFIO trustmark.